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Three tragedies—a death, a crime, and an unexpected illness—strike three separate families who converge together to embrace their faith in the tearjerker A Question of Faith.

Religion, Spirituality, and Health: The Research and Clinical Implications

The Star —an animated retelling of the Nativity of Jesus, except from the perspective of the manger-dwelling animals—features an all-star cast led by the likes of Steven Yeun as Bo, a donkey. In The Stray , the Davis family is going through some difficult times until, out of nowhere, a stray dog named Pluto enters their lives.

After a popular high school girl accidentally overdoses on drugs, the small town she leaves behind in her wake must pick up the pieces and move on from the tragedy. Another film based on a true story, Victor is about a migrant teen from Puerto Rico who is thrown into the mean streets of Brooklyn. He comes under the influence of gang life and drugs and he must find faith to save himself and his family.

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A Common Essence

Right now Hollywood is mired in soul-searching looking for new ways to reach audiences of all kinds both religious and secular. Religious epics remain risky ventures but they could be part of the answer — if done properly the payoff could be huge. If you would like to comment on this story or anything else you have seen on BBC Culture, head over to our Facebook page or message us on Twitter.

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Enlightenment (Documentary)

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Critical Choices: Jeffrey Overstreet uses movies to close the spiritual-secular gap

Expressions of Pen and Palette. Filter events by:. Art Music Film. A scene featuring a lip plate in Black Panther. Within most African religious worldviews, everything is a part of the spiritual world and so physical combat or clothing or body modification are all infused with sacred resonance. Here are but a few examples:. Jordan , must seek ancestral wisdom as part of his spiritual journey.

In traditional African worldviews, the ancestors have a functional role in present life and must be honored long after their deaths.

Hollywood seeks divine inspiration with biblical epics

The veneration of the ancestors in African cosmology rejects a hard wall of separation between the living and the dead. And while there is generally the affirmation of a singular Creator God, most African cosmology has space for other operative spirits in the lives of believers. The continued existence of traditional medicine, alongside contemporary Western medicine, remains an important feature of African cosmology. Medicine and the caring for the physical body is spiritual and sacred work. The role of shaman, priest, and conjurer, or healer, is critical in African cosmology as these persons may also function as chroniclers and griots — the keepers of history and communal memory.

The film highlights one of the key components of African cosmology: the value of balance and harmony.

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The ecological balance in Wakanda is maintained because everything is spiritually infused and necessary for harmony. The age-old spear must be mastered by the warriors, along with the more futuristic weapons of war.

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The dream of Wakanda, a nation untouched by white colonization and white supremacy, is balance, where there is space for the keepers of sheep and the keepers of technology. Chadwick Boseman, left, and Michael B. Jordan fight in a scene from Black Panther. But African cosmology also leaves space for an engagement of the African-American religious experience; the faiths and traditions of those whose ancestors were involuntarily brought to other nations in the holds of slave ships. Killmonger, the American-born character, maintains the revolutionary spirit of his ancestors, those whom he argues would prefer death over bondage.

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