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Supreme Court ruled that patronage hiring by Illinois Republicans violated the constitutional free speech rights of public workers who did not support the party in power. Obviously, not in Illinois. Public jobs, salaries and benefits have been central to the mounting fiscal crisis. In , Madigan sponsored legislation that allowed thousands of state workers to retire as early as age 50 with full pensions.

Initially, the state projected that about 7, workers would take advantage of the one-time offer. The state has made efforts in the Madigan era to control unfunded pension liabilities.

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In , Madigan teamed with Quinn, the Democratic governor, to pass a law that cut pension benefits for employees hired after That will save the system substantial money once those workers retire. But for decades to come, the state will continue to shoulder higher costs of pensions for workers hired before And a little-known provision of the law allowed the state to slash pension contributions immediately, using the projected long-term savings as the rationale.

Pension legislation Madigan helped draft decades ago continues to haunt Illinois.


The politics of the law were unique. Madigan had backed a rival to Netsch in the Democratic primary race. Netsch was planning to use the pension crisis against Edgar.

Madigan was trying to shore up his own power, Edgar said later. The speaker needed to protect the reelection prospects of his Democratic allies in the House from public employee unions angry about their underfunded pensions. The surprising alliance helped keep Edgar in office.

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Securities and Exchange Commission. Edgar, in an interview, praised Madigan for working with him. He faulted his successors for passing laws that weakened pensions and for failing to recalibrate contributions during economic downturns. By August, Madigan will have outlasted the longest-serving house speaker in modern U. Longest-serving speaker of a state House of Representatives in United States history. As a private attorney, he works to lower them.

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