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Paskert was next and lofted a ball to short right but Barry made a fine running catch while the runners held. That again brought up Cravath, the undisputed leading slugger in the game.

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He also led in runs batted in with He turned and grabbed the ball just in front of the left-field bleachers, a full feet from home plate, to retire the side. Both hurlers then set down the opposition without a baserunner until the bottom of the seventh, when Speaker led off with a single to left. Hoblitzell attempted to sacrifice but Burns pounced on the ball and threw to Bancroft at second to force Speaker while Hoblitzell stood at home plate thinking the ball was foul.

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While Alexander held the Red Sox at bay, the Phillies could not even generate a baserunner after the third inning. In the ninth Leonard made it 20 consecutive Phillies retired after two groundouts and a foul pop. In the bottom of the inning Hooper led off with a two-strike single to right field. Everett Scott twice failed to lay down a sacrifice, but with two strikes surprised the Phillies by poking a bunt that got by Alexander. Second baseman Bert Niehoff raced in from second and made a sparkling play, just nipping Scott at first while Hooper advanced to second. Manager Moran then ordered an intentional pass to Speaker to put runners on first and second with one out.

As Speaker trotted down to first, he doffed his cap to the Phillies dugout. Niehoff, however, made another fine play to get to the ball and threw to first to get the batter by a whisker.

That left runners on second and third with two outs and Duffy Lewis coming to the plate in one of the pivotal and most controversial at-bats in the Series. At that juncture the hot-hitting Lewis was 4-for-7 against Alexander in the Series. The feeling in the press box was that Moran would order Alexander to intentionally walk Lewis to set up a force at any base and bring Larry Gardner to the plate.

In a happy delirium the Red Sox faithful rushed onto the field, lifted Lewis on their shoulders and carried him off the field. He later lamented that the crowd almost broke his back. They proceeded to lose two more one-run games as the Red Sox claimed the world championship in five games. After the Series, Alexander defended the decision to pitch to Lewis in the ninth inning of Game Three, asserting that in a prior all-star tour Lewis had gotten exactly two hits off him in 12 to 14 games, striking out four times in one game.

Every series has its star.

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Alexander also revealed after the Series that he had strained his pitching shoulder while favoring a blister in a game against Brooklyn on Labor Day and had not been healthy since, even though he had thrown a one-hit shutout against the Braves on September 29 to clinch the pennant. To read more articles from this book, click here. In addition to the sources mentioned in the Notes, box scores for this game can be seen on baseball-reference.

Alexander, Charles C. Alexander, Grover Cleveland. Gay, Timothy M.

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Golenbock, Peter. Kavanagh, Jack. Krueger, Joseph J. Krueger, Lieb, Frederick G. Lieb, Frederick. Ritter, Lawrence S. Skipper, John C. Westcott, Rich, and Frank Bilovsky. Conversations held with family, friends, sports writers and teammates are quoted throughout this biography. Arizona senator Barry Goldwater was a staunch conservative more interested in advancing the conservative cause than running for president.

He was defeated in a landslide by Lyndon Johnson but the right had established itself as a reinvigorated force in the years to come. This is a chronicle of the Republican convention and the beginnings of the modern conservative movement.

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Whitey Herzog, by contrast, became one of the greats by using players who could bunt and by playing for one run over and over again. Full coverage of them and other major league managers over a year period can be found in this work. The entries are based on interviews, standard data and anecdotes from owners, coaches, and players. Information includes birth and death dates, teams and dates managed, win-loss records, winning percentages, and standings. Lists are included of managers of 1, games or more, those with one-game careers, those with the best winning percentages, and those with the most wins.

A complete list of managers in the history of each team is provided. In the summer of , three forces converged at the Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey, each with the potential to shake the moorings of traditional democracy: the all-white segregationist delegation from Mississippi, a mostly black delegation determined to unseat the segregationists, and President Lyndon Johnson, who had signed the civil rights bill but wanted to avoid trouble that could jeopardize his chances of carrying the South in the November election.

By examining the motivations of those involved, this work explores how American politics and the civil rights movement clashed at the convention, how the federal government felt compelled to spy on its own people for purely political purposes, and how this interlude changed the political landscape for generations. Charlie Gehringer was the best second baseman of his era. They are known by a variety of names, many of them unprintable. Like the big league players, they are the very best in their profession and spend years honing their craft, yet some fans pretend to believe they are incompetent boobs.

They are the men in blue on the baseball diamond, major league umpires. In this work, nineteen umps provide their unique insight on some of the most important and pivotal moments in baseball history.

Alexander, Grover Cleveland 1887-1950

Don Denkinger recounts his call that turned the World Series. The presidential election of was the only one whose candidates included an incumbent president, a former president and a future president. Theodore Roosevelt, in the Oval Office from to , chose not to run again. When his former Secretary of War, William Howard Taft, took controversial actions as his successor, Roosevelt challenged him for the Republican nomination.

Taft emerged as the nominee and Roosevelt ran as a third-party candidate on the Progressive Bull Moose ticket, causing a split in the GOP that allowed Democrat Woodrow Wilson to win the presidency. Smaller in population than several U. The Iowa caucuses provide a unique brand of retail politics, on the decline in an age of multi-million dollar advertising blitzes.