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The theory goes like this: Soy has estrogen in it and that when men have too much estrogen, their testosterone drops and causes them to build less muscle. Women have no such problem because testosterone is the male hormone, not the female hormone, and can have all the soy they want. Soy has been shown to alter levels of available testosterone in the body, is true.

However, the consequences of consuming soy are negligible compared to the consequences of being overweight and sedentary. Notice that none of those are a thorough researching of the facts. They don't even research at all. Someone delivered a conclusion to their digital doorstep, and they accepted it without question.

How many of our beliefs are like this? How many things do we believe purely because we read it in an Internet article, heard it on a podcast, or were told by a friend? The ability to test how well founded your own beliefs are is the backbone of critical thinking skills.

The critical thinking skill is the skill of being able to look at all the facts you know and cross-examine them to see if they are sufficient to come to a conclusion about a situation. With critical thinking skills, people can hear a variety of facts and stitch them together to form a cohesive picture.

These Expressions Make You Sound Like You Don’t Know What You’re Talki

Without critical thinking skills, people are at the mercy of whatever people tell them and whoever tells them the most persuasively. The core of critical thinking skills is asking questions of your beliefs. A pundit says something via podcast, YouTube video, internet article or another medium, providing no citation for any stated facts and not qualifying any assertions.

Allow me to demonstrate. Republicans generally favor the building of a wall along the Mexican border to reduce illegal immigration.

Adopting this surprising habit of highly intelligent people can make you look smarter at work

If you are a Republican who is in favor of building the wall, answer the following questions:. All you know is that someone told you it is. I know next to nothing about both Reagonomics and border wall legislation. Like you, dear reader, I cannot even hazard a guess to the answers to these questions, let alone answer them in a way that would make a professor proud. A curious thing happens when a bunch of people huddle around a bar table — they all become experts.

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Learn More. Great point and I need to practice that asap! I use these three guiding questions: is it immoral? Is it unethical? Is it illegal? If the answer is yes to any, then speak up. I find it hard to speak up at times when I know I need to.

Stumbling Towards Grace

I recently encountered a situation where I had to speak up. My body was literally signaling to me before, during, and after. That is how I knew I had to say something. My colon went crazy, I physically became ill, and other people were emotionally hurt. The wisdom nugget that lights up for me is the last; truth heals and I may be the only one that needs to know it. I did speak me truth in this situation as hard as it was.

How do you know when something is too hard?

I was literally fearful! Like a child! Although doing so has helped me to heal, I see others stilll in pain. I surrender and let that be trusting their own truth will heal when they are ready to look at it. Thank you for this today.

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This arrived at the most hilarious time! I fall on the side of finding it hard to speak up and I relate to being overresponsible. When the spa sent me a review form by email I gave them an honest balanced view of my experience just happy to be cultivating courage with no attachment to an expectation about what they do with that. They just called me back apologised and offered me a complimentary treatment.

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A totally sensible thing to do! Thank you!!

I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one who faces this predicament! Thank you again for this post — it is exactly what I needed! This SO resonates. Thanks for this Kate! I ended up commenting on social media but not specifically to the person.

Say Something (I'm Giving Up On You)

That resulted in a conversation that caused me to examine what I was thinking and also talking directly to the other person concerned. I went to the Philippines to visit my grandma and I saw how they lived there. My aunt is is very smart and intelligent and excels in her career in the Senate Office in the Philippines believes that the only safe material to use in the microwave is plastic.