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The latter are easy to identify, and are addressed with what rocker Warren Zevon recommends: lawyers, guns and money read Dr. Distinguishing between the other two categories comes down to how people deal with the truth. When confronted with the truth, do you listen and adjust to reality? Or when confronted with reality do you fight or deny, and try to adjust the truth to fit your purposes? Rarely do I get to put a theory to test so quickly.

After work yesterday I went to the gym for a workout. Rain was coming down in buckets and small lakes dotted the parking lot between me and the front door. I opened the car door and started sprinting towards the gym. I finally managed to hop and stumble my way to the front door. The calf pain was a result of running six miles last weekend. I went over to the dumbbell rack and reached for my normal weights.

I heard shouts and turned around. Immediately behind me a group of eighteen year-olds were gathered around a friend on the bench press. I looked at the dumbbells in my hands. I set them back down and grabbed two that were ten pounds heavier. The last time I knowingly lifted weights that were too heavy for me I was trying to keep up with my son Kevin. The result then was numbness in my arms, pain in my shoulder, and four herniated discs in my neck. As I leaned back on the bench to do flys, two of the teenagers glanced over at me.

Someone was watching. After a couple of reps I was struggling, and I knew my shoulder would start screaming any second, but it seemed kind of wimpy to stop so soon. I kept going. The chorus, repeated several times during the song, is:. I looked in the mirror. I moved a foot to the right and the light caught my grey hair. There's brand loyalty for you. Over the last few years their world-famous cricket ground has been called the Fosters Oval strewth , the AMP Oval who? Leicester's new stadium was nearly called the Walkers Bowl , which is both hideously American and far too easily satirised a "bowl of crisps"?

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Leicester supporters with a modicum of self-respect prefer to call their new stadium Filbert Way , so I'm told, which at least doesn't make anyone think of over-perky jug-eared potato munchers. Good grief.

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I'll let the stadium's PR give the case for the defence But it's still sheer unbridled megalomania, isn't it? But I bet some deranged PR executive somewhere is trying to change the rules to make it happen. The gardens aren't at their best in February, the renowned flower show is still months away and the palace isn't centrally heated throughout. But this might just be the best time to visit, mercifully free from packs of tourists and staircase-blocking coach parties. Plus there's absolutely tons to see, far more than you probably expect, and it's not all bluff Tudor monarchs and armoured codpieces.

But over the last five centuries it's been repeatedly embellished, extended and rebuilt, so that the palace now comprises several different architectural styles. It certainly has a turreted chimneypot skyline like no other [ photo ]. Most visitors start their exploration of the palace from the central Clock Court [ photo ] , maybe meeting up with a costumed guide, or else following one of the many audio-wand walks around the building. One of the oldest surviving parts of the palace is close by - the Tudor Kitchens.

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'What's this geezer doing? He's hopeless' – the Ali Dia story, 20 years on

This mass catering establishment has been recreated for today's visitors as if preparing for a genuine 16th century banquet. The roast boar and savoury pies cooked here would have been served in the Great Hall upstairs, and gobbled down beneath the richly decorated hammer-beam roof. Nextdoor are Henry VIII's state apartments or at least those which Sir Christopher Wren left alone when modernising the rest of the building a couple of centuries later.

Palace guides enjoy leading hapless visitors through the gallery supposedly haunted by Henry's headless Wife-number-5, and this is also where the famous oil painting of The Field of the Cloth of Gold is hung. Close by is the magnificent Chapel Royal , where Henry married his last wife and baptised his only son, and which is still used for regular Sunday services to this day. And that's only a small part of what there is to see. You know the sort of thing - chains of vast rooms and long galleries packed with panelled walls, stern-looking portraits, giant tapestries and ornate 4-poster beds, all set out beneath impossibly ornate roofs.

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And, if you're willing to climb up several rear staircases to reach them, you might be able to take a look inside one of the old grace and favour apartments on the upper floors, close to the seat of the fire which devastated several of the historic rooms beneath now restored. Don't rest yet, there's still loads to see outside.

There's Capability Brown's Great Vine for a start, not especially impressive in winter but still the oldest productive vine in the world [ photo ]. Inside the Lower Orangery are nine priceless but overlooked Italian Renaissance canvases depicting the Triumphs of Caesar I suspect the security guard stationed in here gets very lonely. Round the corner is the famous Royal Tennis Court - a wooden chamber where Henry VIII used to play, and the oldest surviving tennis court anywhere in the world [ photo ].

And then there are the gardens [ photo ] , acres and acres of them, beautifully laid out in a variety of imposing formal styles. Some lead down to the Thames, others run alongside an artificial channel through the grounds. Look east into the Home Park above the heads of the swans on the Long Water and you can just make out the Golden Jubilee Fountains shooting water feet into the air some three quarters of a mile away.

The infamous Hampton Court Maze is located in the northern part of the palace grounds. This was Britain's first hedge maze, planted as long ago as , and crams half a mile of paths into a third of an acre. The labyrinth is considerably more complicated than the sign pictured here suggests, although not so complex that you need fear getting trapped inside forever. Study the map by the entrance as much as you like - it won't help you much once you get disoriented inside.

The sanctuary of the centre never seems too far away when viewed through a patchy yew hedge, but selecting the correct route at each junction is far harder than you might expect [ photo ]. He said he went in once to show somebody else the way. Is it time to climb down off the hilltop? Or do I believe Philip Rivers, and believe my best days are ahead of me?

‘We gave the lad a trial and he was rubbish’

I limped back to the dumbbell rack and grabbed some lighter weights. Sanity had returned. I think I climbed on to the Philip Rivers train.

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But I knew. I walked out of the gym with two thoughts in mind. First of all, this aging process stinks. Cloud, I think I want to be a wise dreamer. I never took the time to learn Spanish when I was in school. Add it to the list. Let the youngsters do the heavy stuff.

There as some things I can do, like mow all day. But I am realizing that I have limitations.

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  • And as friends and relatives pass away or bravely battle cancer, I am thankful for each time I can feel young at least in my mind and can watch my boys play soccer in the Mexican league, or help friends who lost their house and barns in the tornado. Streaming and Download help.

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